Bradley Flying Association uses Flight Schedule Pro for the scheduling of the airplanes. This allows for both seeing when an aircraft is available for flying, but also for making a confirmed schedule, 24 hours a day every day. So, one does not have to make a trip to the airport just to schedule an aircraft. Maintenance times are scheduled in this system also which means that trips to the airport with disappointed expectations are a very rare occurance.

All members in good standing with flight status are able to schedule aircraft. The system does keep track of all schedule changes by date and time and can be interrogated if required from time to time. Abusive situations are easily identifiable and the records are stored for later retrieval.

There is provision for alternate scheduling status and automatic email notification. This does require that the contact information in the sytem be updated by the individual directly as well as the options desired active toggled by each individual who desires this feature for them.

Some instructors are also on this system. Please be sure to use this for letting others know when an instructor may be at the airport. Be sure also to contact the particular instructor directly, preferably by phone or in person, when you would desire attention of his time. Unlike the airplanes, the instructors are real people and may have conflicts occur which may not necessarily be on the schedulemaster system.