The Bradley Flying Association office is located in room 222 on the second floor of the Byerly Aviation building at the General Wayne A. Downing International Airport.

BFA aircraft keys and tach sheets are kept at the reception desk in the lobby on the main floor. A flight planning room with charts, IFR approach plates, and a computer for weather briefings is on the 2nd floor. There is a large lounge area, vending machines, popcorn, cookies, and coffee are available for all pilots and guests.

Our aircraft are housed in the main, heated hangar at Byerly Aviation! When an aircraft is scheduled for a flight it is retrieved by Byerly line crew and moved to the flightline, ready for the pilot to pre-flight. In winter months, preflight can optionally be completed within the heated hangar prior to being moved outside. All of our aircraft scheduling is done online through the BFA website.